let everything that has breath praise adonai!

Psalm 150:6 CJB

Zion’s worship style is unique and plays a big part in our Shabbat Service.  So, you may notice a few things like, our music, which is a mixture of gospel and contemporary music with both Hebrew and English lyrics. Our worship is free and expressive as we sing, clap, lift our hands, kneel, bow, gather at the altar, dance and rejoice in God’s presence.  We embrace the gifts of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), which includes tongues and interpretation, as well as prophecy.

Little Zion

Little Zion is our children's choir for ages 4-11.  Here, we introduce our children to singing together as a group and in harmony.  Little Zion meets every Saturday following Shabbat Service and is directed by one of our amazing worship leaders, Torya Koger.  

adult choir

Our adult choir comes together every Sunday at 11AM, to rehearse, worship, and prepare for the different Hebrew feasts that we celebrate in Zion.  The adult choir is led by our music ministry director, Aaron Rousseau. 


The Word of God says to praise Him on the instruments.  Zion's musicians bring so much talent and dynamic to worship service every week! We are so grateful for each of them.  Our musicians meet every Friday morning at 9AM and Mondays at 4:30PM with the worship leaders.  

songs of zion

In 2019, the Lord had placed on Bishop Dumisani's heart to minister in downtown Stockton through praise and worship.  When COVID hit, we were not able to do that.  In 2021, the Lord placed a vision in our Music Ministry to bring the Songs of Zion ministry through audio and video, and now we have the Songs of Zion, Volume I available on all digital platforms as well as a Songs of Zion YouTube channel! We may not be able to go downtown to minister to our city, but our prayer is that we are able to reach our city and others around the world through the songs that the Lord has written through our worship leaders and musicians! 


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