Shabbat School

"I will instruct and teach you in this way that you are to go..."

Psalm 32:8

Every Saturday morning, we come together in Shabbat School to learn more about the Word from a Jewish perspective.  Our amazing instructors will engage you in in-depth discussions through our curriculum from First Fruits of Zion called the Torah Club.  

We would love for you to join us in Shabbat School! Every Saturday morning at 9AM. 

shabbat school curriculum

Unless we know the Jewish Yeshua, we don’t know the real Jesus. Join us in an epic study into the Jewishness of the life and teaching of Yeshua of Nazareth. Experience the spiritual transformation that comes from learning His stories, miracles, parables, and teachings from a Jewish perspective.

Shabbat school instructors

Pastor Dimitri Koger, Sr.


Elizabeth Vilmenay

Substitute Instructor

Cathy Little

Instructor | Minister of Education

ShaDé Johnson

Substitute Instructor

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